Teenage Girls Code With Entrepreneur-Karlie Kloss Fashion Model

I am a Senior Recruiter working mainly in the IT Technology Sector. What I hear from Hiring Managers is that it is a challenge finding qualified talent in this area. The IT profession requires extensive technical training. That means there are plenty of positions available to those that have a technology skill set.

Upon browsing the Internet to find out if there are resources to educate students in Tampa Bay in technology.  So far I discovered that there really is nothing that I came across.

What I learned is that a majority of teenage girls avoid Math, Science and Technology which could be due to any various reasons.  If Teenage Girls were exposed to technology the result would be a source of available talent to have in the workplace with a marketable skill set that Technology Companies not only want but desperately need!

What could be done about this?

There is a resource I stumbled upon that is stepping up to do something about it that solves this problem. It was started by Famous Fashion Model Karlie Kloss #Karlie Kloss and its a non profit called Kode with Klossy (www.kodewithklossy.com) #Kode with Klossy. I browsed this website and I am impressed with what they do. It is where Teenage Girls learn to code . With this education these girls are provided all the necessary tools to  become future Technology Leaders. The women that have this skill set have the ability to shape the future!

Written by:

Steve Rosen-Talent Acquisition Career Consultant


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